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3 ways to differentiate a pharmacy chain and increase profit margins


1) From commercial to professional

It is very hard for a pharmacy chain to abandon discounts and 3 for 2 deals but TIME IS RUNNING OUT! If you care about your business you have to adapt to the ever-changing market.

It's time to reposition.

Tick tock, tick tock... Every day we read about pharmacies that belong to chains closing. First in the USA and UK, but this is happening all over the world, and in Italy too.

One thing we can be certain of today is that the pharmacy marketplace has completely changed: customers are looking for healthcare and wellness solutions more than they are products. Online sales have brought about a change in consumer behaviour and the best price is available on the internet, NOT IN THE PHARMACY.

One click! It’s that simple. How can we convince people to leave their houses and come into our pharmacies? Stop thinking about pharmacies as simple distribution points. You will need to transform the pharmacy experience, reduce SKUs and bring customers onto a path of health and wellness.


Let’s talk about a new focus, let’s talk about a new design to express a new direction, the identity of your chain. Let’s talk about your WAR HORSE. Because today you must find your space to compete in and intelligently differentiate yourself from the competition creating UNIQUENESS. 

How do you create uniqueness through design?

Thanks to a welcoming atmosphere that is pleasant to be in.

·  Thanks to professional, quality furniture that gives added value to the products and to the pharmacist.

·  With the right light thanks to lighting that has been studied to add value to product packaging and labelling that complements the brand’s values.

·  Optimizing spaces so that the experience is a pleasant one, wherever it is.

·  Using time outside of rush hour to educate, and to create promotional events that highlight healthcare.


 The American chain CVS is updating all of its stores with a new format that dedicates 20% more space to services. It has managed to exceed forecasted profits by more than 20%

Those who are still tied to discounts and bargain offers are fighting a price war with Amazon Pharmacy and e-commerce.

2) from generalist to specialist 

The majority of pharmacy chains are generalist meaning that they all sell a little bit of everything. Today we must make the choice to specialize and become the number one in a given area, for a given target audience. If you have decided to become the number one chain in Saudi Arabia for pharmaceuticals, then you have to focus on presenting the medicine to people in terms of the design on the packaging as well as the furnishings of the surroundings it is presented in. All of the displays must have spaces for pharmacists to demonstrate the products and give professional advice to each and every customer depending on their needs (from low to high privacy). Becoming a specialized chain means focusing on one category, it means studying products and training to be able to accommodate people’s needs and solve their problems. You must create spaces to educate customers with videos and brochures and continue to do so through a variety of channels, when they leave the store and go home.

3) Extend the range of health services offered to address patients' needs:

 Starting from tomorrow, without large structural changes, you can implement the services offered. We have developed specialist health areas where which will be manned by a series of health professionals on rotation: nutritionists, physiotherapists, image specialists etc. They will act as private consultation rooms with video capability so that you can reach those that are far away. They will be self-supporting rooms that you can install quickly with sinks and electricity.

We introduce technology to meet our customers needs and to make sure they feel that we are always by their side to support them.We want them to turn to us for advice or to book a check-up. We offer medical spa treatments, we are not just limited to make-up or are trying to sell branded products. We put our clients in touch with image consultants especially where a disease has created physical as well as mental scars, we bring people closer to the pharmacy.

We begin to think differently, to open pharmacies to cancer patients who often feel the need to hide, to diabetics, to chronic patients. We create chains of pharmacies where the aim is not only to sell the best-smelling shampoo but to support communities, where communities come together.

Technology is increasingly isolating people, so we are creating pharmacy chains that become healthy gathering places where people can talk about their problems to professionals who can also help with preventative care when it comes to various illnesses, a place where people can talk to specialists, where they can go to classes and gather information.We need to make a change. This type of pharmacy chain that looks to health and well-being, that has a deeper purpose than simply making a buck. In this way your brand will grow, be recognized and inspire loyalty because it is better, because it is not a supermarket. Profits will rise because it will be a health center and not a warehouse.

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