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4 Design Secrets Ouyee Display Would Like To Tell You


If you’re thinking about installing or updating your retail fitout, no doubt you’ve searched for retail design secrets. However, upon searching, you may have realised that most retail shop fitters won’t share their secrets with you.

Don’t worry, as a professional retail shopdisplay furniture manufacturer, we’ll help you out. We are going to let the cat out of the bag by sharing some of the industry’s best kept secrets with you by an optical shop project.

1. Create appealing window displays

Ouyee Display pay close attention to window displays when make optical shop design as they are an important part of a fitout. Appealing window displays attract onlookers and encourage them into entering your store. Great window displays can also help you stand out from nearby competition.

2. Create visual breaks in your shop layout

Expert retail shop fitters know that customers require visual breaks, else they may end up getting fatigued. The best retail layouts are those where there are sufficient visual breaks in between product displays.

3. Focus on lighting of display fixtures

Lighting of display fixtures can make or break your fitout and this is another important element that all retail shop fitters pay attention to. Store furniture lighting should be adequate, it should highlight your best products and it should also create a captivating visual appeal.

4. Connect with customers

The best retail shop displays supplier will always ensure that your fitout connects with customers. This is achieved with the help of store signage. Store signage tells customers where they can find particular products. It also gives customers the impression that they are being communicated with.

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