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4 tips to design a stylish cosmetic store


A good design of a make up store which is to offer a relaxed shopping experience for customers.

The cosmetics should be displayed conveniently, directly and clearly in the cosmetic store furniture. Considering the young consumers are the major, stylish and attractive design of the make-up store is very important.

Here are some tips when you design a cosmetic store:

1. A storefront signboard basically represents the style of the whole shop, the well-chosen font of a brand logo shows the product quality in some way.

Also, the signboard color should be matched with the overall shop perfectly. As you know, the make-up is usually displayed as per different function areas. So the supply of free trial make-up is necessary and use-friendly.

2. The main color of a retail shop is expressed in its brand logo, shop display fittings, and decoration.

As soon as the customers see the main color, they get the brand identity and association. The color plays a key role to attract the target consumers with a specific age. Generally speaking, white, blue and yellow are not used a lot in a fashion shop, it is because white is basic decorative color and yellow is popular in children’s garments store. While most stylish shops prefer black, red, shiny white, gray and silver as they are more trendy and fashionable.

3. In most cases, only the specific light and background bring out the make-up’s true quality.

For example, the transparent make-up bottle looks crystal clear with an LED spotlight. Small-sized make-up like eyebrow pencil should be displayed in the group, as it is easier to get customers’ attention. While too crowed items may let the shoppers feel they are unsalable. But a little patchy grouped items come with the impression of “Hot sale”.

4. The expensive make-up should be displayed with small quantities, and their display showcase should be elegant and relaxed.

A complicated item fits the simple shop fittings in good order and with less decoration. On the contrary, the design should be interactive for simple make-up with more decorative elements.

All in all, the design style and the details of display furniture have a close relationship with sales. It is overall solution design, Ouyee display has helped many make-up brands to custom design and produce the best suitable store furniture.


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