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How to Start a Cell Phone Kiosk


By providing people a convenient way to shop for cellphones and accessories, you can create a stable business in most malls and shopping centers. As technology continues to change, many people have a constant need to upgrade their current cellphone or purchase the latest cell phone accessory. By opening a kiosk at a local mall, you can easily sell merchandise to these customers. Promote your business by offering quality customer service and showcasing your knowledge of the cellphone industry.


Step 1

Select a location for your cell phone kiosk. The right location allows you to make multiple sales each day, reduces competition with other kiosks offering cell phones and is affordable. Visit local malls, parks and other retail business locations to find a location with heavy foot traffic and limited competition. Set up appointments to see available kiosk spaces. After determining several possible locations, visit each location in the morning and in the evening on a weekday, and once on the weekend to see how many potential customers pass by.

Step 2

Set up your kiosk. Arrange display hooks and shelves to accommodate cellphones and accessories. Install cash registers, credit card terminals and business phone line. Install computer retail software to track sales, inventory and employee hours. Add chairs for employees to sit on when on duty.

Step 3

Contact wholesale cellphone retailers, or if opening a cellphone franchise, the cell phone manufacturing company, to order cellphones and accessories. Research the cellphone market so you can provide customers with the latest merchandise. Cellphone accessories include USB cables, headphones, protective phone, or screen covers and batteries.

Step 4

Design a business sign and employee business cards. Hire employees if you do not plan to run the cell phone kiosk yourself. Determine your pay structure before conducting interviews. Some salespeople work for an hourly rate while other work on commission or a combination of both. Conduct interviews and hire those with sales experience and knowledge of the cell phone industry.

Step 5

Market your cellphone kiosk by listing it in the mall directory. Print up fliers and have employees hand them out to passers-by. List your kiosk in online and offline business directories. You can also create a website that contains pictures of cellphones and accessories. Provide contact information and directions to the kiosk.