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A Clothing Boutique Look Like Relaxed Lounge


To preserve the transparency and unencumbered views of the interior, the store windows do not display mannequins or products but frame the interiors  as two distinct settings – a clothing section that contains bespoke racks and a relaxed lounge seating and another space featuring accessories and knitwear. The interior spaces are designed to flow seamlessly, creating a relaxed experience where the clothing and accessories are the primary protagonists.

The materials palette throughout the store comprises sustainably sourced or recycled elements and avoids the use of harmful chemicals in their production. The reclaimed oak wood floor was sourced from military barracks in Shropshire and the fabric wall paneling is made from linen, which is low in embodied energy. The majority of the furniture is made from London Plane timber sourced from a tree that fell during a storm in Lincoln.

The clothes rails, coffee table, knitwear cabinet, and shelving units have also been designed by the practice and manufactured by Benchmark. They feature integrated LED lighting, vegetable-tanned leather and accented with rose gold edging – a signature colour for Gabriela Hearst. The soft curves and warm materiality of the furniture pieces echo the comfortable and relaxed aesthetic of the entire interior.

The basement features a more intimate lounge area with changing rooms and additional display spaces all enveloped with London Plane timber paneling.Fuelled by large sums of money of Chinese investors, Manila‘s Bay Area is rapidly transforming, and with more than 20 proposed projects, it’s all happening at an accelerated pace. Interestingly, each project involves land reclamation, and given the aim to accommodate floods of gamblers from mainland China, many a casino has been erected. Called The Shoppes at Solaire, the mall has become the Bay Area’s fav shopping destination of visitors and locals alike, luring the likes of top luxury brands to its premises, and it’s right here where influential local company H & F Retail Concepts has opened its newest outpost.

The ceiling comprises of a seemingly carved-out mosaic of planes, embedding rows spotlights in its ridges.Sleek metal clothing racks dangle from the ceiling in the middle of the UNIVERS store, and are paired with additional clothing racks and shelving lining the wall. The back wall is clad in mirrors which optically enlarge the store, and features built-in shelving. Additionally, chunky marble displays dot the premises, and the cozy seating area which enables shoppers to sit back and ponder over the next trophy purchase.Nonetheless, the different levels vary in style: Fashion for modern women can be found on the ground floor. Bright wood combined with white metal – a minimalistic design with Scandinavian impression – displays the appropriate background to address a younger target group. 

On the first floor, the premium sales area for women showcases an opulent design: Exquisite curtains, rosé tones, glazed and high-end oak wood, shelf systems made of brass, floors with ornamental decoration, a style lounge with colour consultation or VIP shopping. This ambience is created for the costumer with high expectations. The third floor is dedicated to men’s wear. Designers created a used-look matching male aesthetics. Old wood, dark metal or wire baskets have time to shine. All three floors have one thing in common: creating an authentic ambience in which clients come to stay. That can be achieved through combination of materials and a playful, varied furniture thus making shopping a pleasant experience.

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