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A Delicate and Retro "Giant Jewelry Box" Located in City Alleys


Walking into the lane, a bright yellow and blue building appeared at the corner, a accessory shop is stationed here, the exterior walls of the building are interpreted with color blocks, and the eye-catching appearance attract the attention of passerby, and couldn't help coming in for a visit.

In order to convey the fashionable and novel feelings, the designer hope to deepen people's impression of the store through strong spatial visual operation. The simple and smooth display way allows a large number of accessories to be highlighted in a unique interior. Therefore, the designer finally decided to use color as a visual guide, and incorporated the concept of graphic design into the space design, making the whole store looks like a delicate packaging box, bringing customers a brand new shopping experience. Designer choose a gradient light blue to decorate the shop.


The floor was made by a special color of epoxy material, showing a blue reflects light like a lake, the lower part of the wall is sprayed with a gradient blue paint, while the displays are made of wood-coloured wood. The color arrangement from the floor to the ceiling , gradient color turns from deep to shallow, all of these factors creates a leisurely holiday atmosphere, making clients look away and focus to the accessories, and enjoy the delicate accessories.

In order to make display furniture as versatile as possible, the designer of this store choose pegboard walls as the main display way. The pegboard walls not only allow the owners of the store to display all kinds of accessories, but also are easy for shop owner to change the layout of the walls. With a variety of display options such as shelves and hooks, the wall have been combined with various shelves, display boxes to create a unique wall display.


The design of the display furniture of the entire store space has been simplified and transformed into some simple geometric shape. Together with the special customized perforated panel, the different forms of accessories naturally become the focus of the entire store. 


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