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A Guide to Looking After Glass Display Cabinets

by:OUYEE     2020-08-07
Glass display cabinets can help improve almost any store, and there are many benefits that come from choosing these kinds of shop fittings.
As well as being an excellent way to showcase valuable goods without obscuring your customers' view of the products, they can also help increase sales. This is because shoppers will believe that the goods on display have a higher value, as they are stored in a secure way. This may encourage them to splash out on items they feel are desirable.
As an increased benefit, locking display cabinets really do increase security by reducing shoplifting of the products inside.
You will also find that glass cabinets are an excellent way of encouraging consumers to interact with your sales staff as they will require assistance if they want to view one of the products on display. This will give your shop assistants the opportunity to close a sale and help drive up revenue.
As with all display stands, it is vital that you look after your glass display cabinets to make sure that they make the right impression on the customers who visit your shop.
Keeping glass cabinets in pristine condition is a must if they are to be effective and there are some simple rules you should follow to ensure your glass display stands look as good as the day you bought them.
Firstly, regular cleaning is essential. Glass can become dirty quickly and fingerprints, smudges, smears and dust on a cabinet can all give off the wrong impression to shoppers, as well as potentially obscuring their view of the items inside.
It is advisable to clean your glass cabinets every day, either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.
You may even want to encourage your staff to give them a quick wipe during the day if they become particularly dirty.
But what is the best way to get a smear-free finish on your glass cabinet? Using a lint-free cloth is a good first step, while selecting a cleaning product that is designed for glass will also make the job much easier.
You may also find that polishing the glass with newspaper after you have cleaned it helps to remove any remaining smudges.
If your glass cabinet has a wooden frame - or one made of metal - it is important that you choose a cleaning product that can work on both materials. Opting for a wood cleaner and using it on glass is likely to result in many smears that are hard to shift, while using a glass cleaner on wood can dry it out and make it look old before its time. A multipurpose cleaner that is suitable for glass, wood and metal will probably be your best option.
When you clean your glass cabinets, it is vital that you take the time to look over your handiwork and check that there are no visible marks from a range of angles. Look in from every visible side and check the appearance of the display stand from a variety of heights too.
Of course, having a spotless exterior to your cabinet becomes redundant if the products and shelves inside are covered in dust, so you should also remember to clean the interior thoroughly on a regular basis. You should always check glass shelves as dust is likely to be more visible on these than on those made of wood or another opaque material.
When you install your glass display stands, you may also want to consider the light in your shop, as too much direct light will create reflections that could make it difficult to view the products in the cabinet.
Using interior spotlights could solve this problem, as well as providing you with an effective way to highlight specific items and draw customers' attention to them.
Glass display cabinets can prove to be an excellent addition to your store, providing you with a secure way to showcase valuable or fragile products without restricting your customers' view of the items.
If you take the time and effort to look after such display stands correctly, you will find that they last for many years and have a positive effect on sales within your store.
So, make the most of your glass display stands by cleaning them regularly with appropriate cleaning products and reap the rewards of your elegant and versatile display solution.

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