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A modern cellphone flagship store and its design concept


For phone shop design, we should also pay attention to the light as follows: need to choose lamps with appropriate capacity, color as well as the most reasonable heat output. To create the perfect space possible. Electronic product market is a very dynamic market now, with many big centers being born, so customers will also be more weighted in choosing reliable places to buy goods. Besides them, we should choose quality products to create trust with customers, we should also understand that the initial form and impression with customers is also important, that is why we are about to experience. Please choose very impressive, modern furniture for your phone shop to attract customers’ attention. Different customer with different favor, so in order to attract more customers, we have to choose which styles are young, friendly and close to all customers.

The environment of this electronic store gave a feeling of one being fully immersed in green. Within this green environment product within the store appeared to be ‘held within’ or inside, the retail fixtures. By reducing this green the product is free and the focus.

Navigation around the store was considered as a most essential tool, with the naming of the departments, the ‘headlines’ assisting in creating the perfect customer journey. A more clean and fresh environment gives the ability to play with far less green colour within the interior of the store, only small traces of green within the interior acting so as to ‘bounce the eye around the interior space’.

The wall fixtures designed to be rather like a picture frame, made so as to focus the eye onto the product. The ‘frame’ positioned at eye to waist height with the whole of the shop fixture package sculptured within this frame so as to surround and contain the product.

The concept able to fit all sizes of retail footprint, the question that design company asked – why should the consumer, when shopping in a flagship store, feel any different from when shopping in a small store environment? The design company based their design on the philosophy that they should not. Service desks with mirror fronts, used as focus points offering an extension to the retail space, placed behind the service desks, large format graphics positioned so as to create a volume appeal.

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