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A Newest Coffee Shop Interior design


This coffee shop located in Suzhou Industrial Park. It is a new threshold for this brand to go out of the Gusu old town. The corner where the shop is located is one of the most hectic crossroads in this business district. A continuous stream of people passes by here everyday, and most of them are the white-collar and residents nearby.


The coffee shop at the street corner 

The coffee shop measures 8m by 8m as a regular square floor plan with 5m story height. In order to create a wonderful communicating space, three sets of elevating glass windows have been designed by utilizing the space height to maximally open the corner of the coffee shop towards the city.


View from the street corner, glass windows maximally open the corner of the coffee shop towards the city

The window sill is designed to be suitable for sitting down, where guests can easily sit and talk indoors and outdoors. Meanwhile, the corner column is wrapped up by some mirror-reflective materials. All of what we did are intended to create a blurred boundary of the coffee shop and to attract the passers-by more easily, thus to bring opportunities for people to stay a while and have a casual coffee, or encounter some acquaintances here.


The dining space, the window sill is designed to be suitable for sitting down 

The coffee operating area is composed of two independent bar counters which are positioned at a right angle: one for making espresso coffee and the other for hand-drip sharing. A coffee bean displaying wall is set right behind the hand-drip counter. On the one hand, it is used to display and sell bagged coffee beans. On the other hand, it also serves as a stage background for baristas to perform the hand-cranking skills. The rest of the walls are cladded by Plywood panels to bring some warmth to the space. A delicate and shiny mirror stainless steel ceiling is set up above, which dramatically reflects the interior scene, while also blurring the physical boundary of the ceiling itself, contrasting with the rough concrete roof-slab and exposed pipes and ducts in the non-ceiling area. The floor and window sill are paved with traditional Suzhou black bricks. The purpose is to try to use some traditional and simple Suzhou materials such as black bricks and mortar in this urban jungle cafe and to post a contract with the surrounding modern brand-new things.


Two independent bar counters 

Coffee bean display

Hand-drip coffee counter, the mirror stainless steel ceiling above the bar counter reflects the interior scene, and blurs the physical boundary of the ceiling itself

Plywood panels and mirror stainless steel ceiling

Black bricks pavement

The location of this coffee store determines that it needs to have certain urban attributes, and it is expected that this coffee shop can become a label for this intersection and even the entire block. When people need a place to meet or relax, this coffee shop will be a cozy presence.

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