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A Successful Jewelry Store Design Promotes Your Sales


The emphasis of the design is on the jewelry in the display cabinet, but the design itself can still successfully demonstrate elegant, luxurious and exquisite features.

The left and right service areas are equipped with leather-covered tables, which echo the display cabinet, and the cutting position of the display cabinets are also curved. The central wall is inlaid with RAMZI&CO logo with unique patterns to enhance the brand effect of the company.

 The interior of display cabinet is accompanied by a strong sense of retro stone, rich stripes of dark wood and chic champagne-colored metal, creating a beautiful and traditional wallboard. Lighting also plays an important role, not only making each piece of exquisite jewelry more prominent, illuminated from the back of the light reflects the decorative cabinet, but also making these moving jewelry like suspended in the air.

Meter screen plays a role of shielding and artistic beautification, such a partition can not only break the inherent pattern, distinguish different nature of the space, but also make the shopping environment rich in change, realize the space  exchange, to provide stores with greater art and taste fusion space.

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