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About Display Cabinets For Selling Jewelry

by:OUYEE     2020-05-16
Jewelry reflects the wearer's personality; it is precious and special. These characteristics of the jewelry should be emphasized in the display to catch the customers' eyes. Jewelry comes in many different styles for different usage's, like cheaper, chunky showy party wear and costume jewelry, to nicer pieces with semi-precious stones, then the really expensive items made from precious metals and gems. Different jewelry attracts different clientele, and should be displayed accordingly. Clutter and confusion distract a customer: each display case should have the same style in it with the pieces spaced out so each can be properly appreciated If a piece is lighter and more discrete, it is likely more expensive. The more expensive an item of jewelry, the farther it should be displayed from other jewelry so as to accentuate it. Freshen up the look of the display by rotating the pieces often. All women like to wear jewelry, but women typically don't have the same goals when paying money for jewelry. Therefore, jewelry displays should be organized into varying budget segments. Considering that is is 'vulgar' to divulge how much you spend on jewelry, pricing must be discrete. Since customers may know little about the subject, trained employees with extensive knowledge about stones and the metals used in the jewelry are invaluable. In order to judge the mood of the customer, the staff should have good selling skills. Too many choices for a costumer may either boggle them or assist in making their choice, so let them have their own room to make a decision. Remember to match you jewelry with your display cases. A simple rich elegant wood frame and plush padding case is excellent for your finer pieces, and a streamlined, metal and felt one will do well with the showier costume pieces.
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