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About the high-end jewelry cases to make early what problem need to communicate?

by:OUYEE     2020-03-29
High-end jewelry cases and role is mainly to show our jewelry feel noble flavor, is also to protect an item of jewellery. Due to the precious jewels, so in the production of high-end jewelry cases, early and cases to factory for further communication, then shenzhen Canon art workshop under factory under the share of high-end jewelry cases to make early what problem need to communicate? Is the first thing to know in which city and put under the floor, because we want to consider to high-end jewelry cases and a question of transportation and installation, secondly merchants have plan needs to be provided for under factory, no words can clearly and cases and factory communication, and then let the storefront factory designer to design a plan, and to mark the location of the elevator door, size and channel of handling cases to determine whether there is enough space. If there are conditions, also can arrange under manufacturer's personnel to the scene reconnaissance size, like shenzhen Canon art workshop under factory received the cases to make project, usually arrange senior designer to the scene after foot, at the site to communicate with customers, so communication will be more clear, improve the work efficiency. Then on high-end jewelry cases and materials, production materials have to pass strict requirements, selected materials will impact on the jewelry display security, when tested materials made sure to jewelry, may be used for cases to make. For high-end jewelry cases to show jewelry of the safety problems, also want attention, should have fire prevention, anti-theft function, installation of alarm. Finally on the issue of beautiful, high-end jewelry cases to look to appearance generous, uniform color, light heat dissipation can through the exhaust equipment discharging, cases and make the use of high-end jewelry shelves for longer. < p> < / p>
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