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An attractive shop starts with an amazing design


 As the optical market becomes increasingly more competitive, optical  shops are looking for display products that give them a "Retail" look and feel. Your optical eyewear sales numbers will greatly depend on your brands, your demographics, and most importantly, how they are displayed.

All of display furniture are executed with beautiful, custom-tailored results. Whether you have an entire office or practice in need of decorating or you just want to add the finishing touches to a pre-existing environment, OUYEE strive to make the process stress free for you.

The new professional line of retail display cabinets by frame-displays are made of very high quality laminated wood, durable glass doors and LED-back-lit acrylic shelves. An easy way to display your beautiful eyewear and sunglasses collections in the way big box retail stores do. Locking glass doors and storage cabinet doors provide added security for your valuable eyewear collections. In addition, snap-frame LED Light Boxes are pre-installed and configured for the cabinets, making merchandising a snap.

OUYEE has many varieties of Wall Mount Displays to choose from. All eyeglass displays are carefully crafted to meet the demanding needs of our customers. We value our relationships with our commercial clients and do our best to learn about your goals, tastes, and needs in order to develop a comprehensive plan suited to your project.

All our furniture pieces are carefully designed and manufactured to address our individual client unique needs. Some of the styles are available in various colors and finishes while some only have one available option. But all of them can be customized according to your unique requirements.

For more information, please contact us by steve@ouyeedisplay.com, or call the 24-hour hotline: +86 13826419811