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Attracting Customers Through Window Displays -

by:OUYEE     2020-08-10
Conveying information effectively through a window display can be difficult to do. When it comes to attracting customers, this is a crucial element to get right. You want people to stop in their tracks and come in to your store. As your windows are your first impression for your customers, a tasteful and eye-catching retail window display is a great way of stopping the pavement traffic and enticing shoppers to enter your shop.
The window should give a sneak peak of what is in store for the customer and leave your target customer wanting to see more of the same. As the options for window displays are endless, it is important to decide what equipment is best for your shop.
Key information such as the nature of your business, your target shoppers, the products or services you are selling will determine the strategy required by a retail store, or shop front.
Window Display Equipment Options
Poster Display Units - Floor to ceiling poster kits are great way to have a constant fresh approach to your window. They can easily be changed with your graphics, monthly promotions, new products, sales promotions and services to create a fresh look to your window display.
Media Display Stands - Screens with advertsing and promotional messages are an eye catching way to draw in attention to your shop. Visual presentations can have an increased impact over traditional poster messages and graphics. These can also be constantly changed with new messages and promotions.
Mannequins & Body Forms - For clothing stores, mannequins are an essential way to show off your clothes and entice customers into the shop to see more of the range. Plastic mannequins are produced in an environmentally friendly way and are completely recyclable, providing a more eco friendly choice for customers than standard fibreglass.
Cable Mounted Shelving Kits - For displaying products in the window, cable and rod mounted displays are a modern contemporary way to display small items with minimal fuss. The shelf supports can be positioned at any height with floor to ceiling or wall to wall fixings. These cable displays can incorporate lighting that is angled straight down to effectively light up your display.
Being creative with your window display will mean that with some basic retail display equipment, you can create a stunning display that will draw customers into your showroom, retail store or shop. As you want attention to be focused on the products and not overshadowed by your display props, a few well chosen retail display units are all you need to achieve that all important window display.

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