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Best 3 Pieces of Candy Shop Equipment For New Stores

by:OUYEE     2020-05-20
New candy shop owners have a lot on their minds, and each concern is just as important as the one before it. What candy should you sell? How should you display the candy? How should you decorate your shop - should it have a theme? What should you charge for your candy? Fortunately, one of the decisions that seems the most difficult - which candy shop display equipment should you use? - is actually one of the easier decisions to make when you take a look at three of the most essential, and convenient, pieces of candy shop display tools. Pre-Filled Candy Displays Pre-filled candy displays are actually helpful for every kind of candy store - as well as establishments that aren't in the business of primarily selling candy - but they're especially beneficial for new candy stores because they require so little effort. There is generally little if any assembly required when it comes to pre-filled candy displays and they're already stocked with candy so store owners don't have to spend time deciding which kinds of candy to sell. Basically, the only decision a store owner has to make about pre-filled candy displays is which kind(s) to purchase, and they're available as: Pre-filled bucket displays (store owners can find varieties that rotate for floor use or fixed-position styles designed to hang on walls and maximize space). Gumball machines (store owners can find gumball machines in numerous sizes with as few as one head and as many as eight, as well as in a variety of fun designs). Lollipop trees (store owners can find varieties of lollipop trees short enough to sit on countertops and tall enough to be used as floor displays). Large Candy Display Racks Large candy display racks actually come in a variety of sizes, but even the smallest would be considered 'large.' These display racks work well as 'focal points' in the center of your store or in the center of a wide aisle, or you can situate them against the walls of your store or use them to help create aisles. You can find display racks with varying numbers of shelves, gravity bins and/or buckets, and accessories like aluminum or plastic scoops or tongs that make it easier for customers to access the candy. Plastic Containers No list of essential candy shop equipment is complete without plastic containers, and for good reason! These containers are versatile and durable, can be used as display tools and recycled for storage purposes, and are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and even colors. Plastic containers are great for showcasing both wrapped candies and unwrapped candies, and work well with accessories like plastic or aluminum tongs or scoops for customer convenience. You can also pair plastic containers with other display fixtures. For example, even though these containers work well as stand-alone display tools, they're also great with fixtures like convenience store racks and wire display racks. Using plastic containers with other display tools helps you maximize your display space as well as create display space where there was none before.
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