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Best Ways to Display Homemade Jewelry

by:OUYEE     2020-05-17
Unless you are making jewelry pieces to either give away to friends and family or just wear for yourself, you are probably going to want to market your jewelry and try to sell it in some way or another. The homemade jewelry market can be extremely tough to break into simply because there are so many different jewelry makers out there trying to do exactly what you are trying to do. In order to differentiate yourself from your competition you will have to try to establish some creative way to display your jewelry; that being said, there are several typical routes that can be taken to try to show off your goods. Craft shows and jewelry shows are a standard approach to selling homemade jewelry. The people in attendance either have an interest in acquiring new pieces that day or at the very least would be more receptive to purchasing from your line in the future. Typically the jewelers are able to set up booths in their allotted area of the craft show and can display their pieces however they see fit. Personally, I dislike it when a jeweler places everything they are selling in one of those glass cases. It is too much of a jumble for customers to try and look at individual pieces and will typically just get overwhelmed. I would suggest knowing your line and knowing exactly which pieces are usually the top sellers, these should be prominently displayed in an eye-catching way that can grab the attention of people walking by. Another common approach to sell handmade jewelry is the Internet. Anyone interested in seriously getting into selling their own jewelry line should definitely consider investing in creating a unique and customer friendly website that can not only display your collection but also take orders. Obviously you're also going to need to either do it yourself or hire someone or take flattering pictures of your pieces. If you are not familiar with lighting and being able to manipulate a camera to accentuate certain aspects of a still shot then it might be worth hiring a professional to take great pictures that really give your pieces the attention they deserve. Like with the craft show, I would suggest emphasizing the pieces that you know are top sellers or you think your customers would be most interested in seeing. This way they are not overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pieces you are displaying and can take the time to look at the hotter items first and then if they are interested look further at the rest of your line. Another great way to display your collection would be to work with boutique owners in your area. These owners are always looking for new and interesting jewelry to display along with the rest of their items. Boutique stores love to be able to point out to customers that the artist of a particular piece is a local and hand makes all of the jewelry he or she sells. Being able to find a boutique interested in selling your line is a huge step for a jewelry maker and can really launch your line by developing a serious customer base.
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