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Biophilic cafe pavilion covered in plants and colourful tiles


The heritage-listed 1980s building contains a mixture of offices and commercial premises surrounding a central atrium that connects Wilson Street on one side with Finsbury Avenue Square on the other.

Myerscough, who grew up close to Finsbury Park in north London, based the project on the principles of biophilia and the health benefits associated with spending time in nature.

"My fascination with how the Victorians made public parks for city workers to get fresh air at weekends inspired me to bring the park to the workplace at 1FA," she explained.

The installation combines Myerscough's signature use of bold colour with references to the architectural heritage of the Broadgate area.The upper section of the structure containing the plants is shaped like a row of typical terraced houses to reflect the site's residential past. Six neon suns atop the structure are intended to "signify joy and energy".

The lower level housing the cafe is clad in bespoke ceramic tiles that provide a bold contrast to the bronze anodised cladding and black-painted structure of the building's refurbished interior.

Myerscough also used the tiles to introduce her signature colours and optical patterns, as well as evoking familiar decorative motifs found in London's Victorian homes.

The designer has used strong colour in many previous installations and artworks, including to brighten the wards of a children's hospital and to decorate the cafe of a London arts centre.

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