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Boutique Space Constraints

by:OUYEE     2020-08-10
Most boutiques are owned by individuals, so there is a lot to consider when it comes to location and space. Many people can't afford a big space in a great location, or they don't want to start out too big and end up outgrowing the space. So, what do you do if you love your location, but feel cramped and crowded by the inventory growth of your boutique? Well, we have a few solutions for you. They not only help you to save space, but they solve quite a few other problems that boutique owners face. From theft, to creating effective visual displays, to storing inventory, we've got solutions that will work for you without breaking the bank or moving to a different location. Follow these tips to get your boutique off to a fresh start this year.
1) Our favorite, affordable, solution for space constraints in a boutique setting is slatwall. Slatwall is relatively inexpensive, but sturdy enough to last you for many, many years. Slatwall accessories are really inexpensive and can help you to create interesting displays all over your boutique. If your space is small, then slatwall panels can help you to use the upward vertical space of your store. This helps you to get your items up off of the sales floor, allowing you to display more merchandise without taking up any extra space.
2) There is more benefit to slatwall than just saving space. The versatility is what makes most boutique owners so happy. They are able to constantly change up their displays and features with very little effort. Creating focal points for displays is easy on slatwall. You can spotlight and surround certain items with all sorts of accessories and complimentary merchandise. These visuals will draw the eye of your customers, allowing you to easily and quickly draw them back further and further into your store. What's even better is that you can change them up daily to hold interest. Plus, customers that are driving by or walking by can easily see what you have to offer simply by glancing inside.
3) You won't just save room by using vertical space in your boutique, but you can also save space by getting a lot of inventory out of storage and out in the open. People are more comfortable shopping if they feel like you have a lot of sizes in stock. You don't want to crowd your racks, but you do want them to be stocked. With slatwall and slatwall panels around your store, you can adjust how much inventory needs to be out at one time. It's as simple as adding longer bars or deeper shelves and putting the inventory out where it can be seen.

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