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Branding for a New Year

by:OUYEE     2020-08-11
The New Year is upon us! It is time to start winding down on Christmas and preparing for the new season. Now is the perfect time to start working on branding in your retail store. Review your store policies, revamp your image, and focus on your branding strategy. Being consistent is important for branding, but you need flexibility to keep things fresh as well. Use these tips from our professional retail display designers for finding that balance between keeping things interesting and solidifying your brand at the same time.
1. Come up with new and interesting displays to rotate product focus. Change out mannequin outfits weekly. Put different items on the ends of your displays where they can be easily seen on a regular basis. Use different products in your window displays from time to time so that repeat visitors are always seeing something new. Make part of your retail branding strategy 'freshness' so that people know that every time they visit they will find new ways to pair outfits and accessories or discover something that they overlooked before.
2. Signage can also have an impact on your store image and brand. Clearly communicating deals and gift ideas with customers makes shopping easier for them. You don't want to put up so much signage that it distracts from your merchandise, however, you do want to make sure that questions customers might have can usually be answered without having to track down an employee. If it's too difficult or time consuming to learn about your customer loyalty programs or whether or not something is included in a sale, they are likely to give up and dismiss it.
3. Regularly having promotions is another good way to keep your brand image freshly on the minds of your customers. Communications through e-mail and mailers will remind them of why they like your store, especially if you have really good deals on highly sought after merchandise. Keep the promotions going throughout the year. Have at least one good promotion monthly so that customers can get excited about the next sale.
4. Slatwall panels for retail displays are perfect for maintaining a fresh brand image. Slatwall is so versatile that you can spruce things up regularly in just a few minutes. Simply move the slatwall brackets around to fill in empty spaces or to make room for new merchandise coming in. Create beautiful focal points around the store at eye level using your slatwall.

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