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Cafe Which Emphasize The Uniqueness Of A Local Product.


The clients don't know what they need until the creavity dispear in the way of interior design.Working on commercial interior design over 10 years,Ouyee display has been change pure business space, desalinate its inherent commercial flavor,then promoting a humanized experience,a poetry connection. Therefore,A completely new design is coming out in this interor design.  

The main idea was to create something unique in everything, from the name of the cafe to the interior design and the menu. All the coffee drinks recipes also emphasize the uniqueness of a local product.

We tried to avoid clichéd coffee and color associations in the design. This design has all the shades of a pearl shell. We used lots of reflective surfaces in the interior: brass, mirror, steel, dichroic glass…

The lamps over the group of high tables are in the shape of giant mussels. One of the ascents in the interior is a large collage, located directly opposite the entrance

With many years professional experience on retail shops, were confident that we can support and help you with your shop sales by our design.

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