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cardboard display stands continue to raise in popularity

by:OUYEE     2020-01-07
Cardboard displays, mainly corrugated display racks, can be cut into any size and shape because they are economical and versatile.
In addition, it is possible to print on a cardboard display, which brings an incredible final result.
In addition to this, the corrugated displays are light in weight, which in turn makes them easy to install and operate, and it is no wonder that such displays are becoming more and more popular, if product or promotional displays are involved, shops, trade exhibitions and exclusive events will be awarded.
Corrugated cardboard was developed in 1884 by scientists and chemist Carl F.
Dahl from Sweden
The talented chemist came up with a way to process the pulp wood sheet into a form of paper that is sufficient to withstand tearing, not breaking, and not bursting.
As a final result of the program, Dahl developed a paper called \"Kraft process\" with excellent durability.
This method has been perfected over time and is still being used to develop corrugated boards so far.
Since 1992, more and more people have accepted the use of corrugated cardboard to make displays in stores, trade fairs or other special events.
Due to the versatile nature of the cardboard display, it is mainly used for trade exhibitions and exclusive activities inside and outside the store, with low manufacturing costs, and last but not least, because they occupy a small amount of space, so easy to transport.
Corrugated cardboard was initially used to making boxes for the transportation and delivery of products, shops and customers.
For this reason, however, corrugated board is used, boxes are often used by shops, and products are routed to the arrival rack for display.
The nearby hidden cardboard display is often used as a focal point to attract customer interest, as Michael Jackson\'s album, Thriller, showed it when it was released in the store.
Fans of this ad show can observe new albums from far away and flock to the music store.
The type of cardboard display used for specific advertising is called a pop-up display, though, this display is very common in the store, just like the counter display, as the title shows, placed on the counter of the store.
At the trade fair, the cardboard pop exhibition was once again used to attract the attention of customers for the same reason.
They happen to be being accepted since the cardboard display came out, even now.
Especially in countries like China, the demand for corrugated cardboard is increasing in order to develop spectacular designs.
In fact, this growth has made the domestic corrugated board manufacturing industry one of the upcoming markets in the United States and Europe.
Corrugated cardboard is also environmental friendly, and almost no waste is released. Over time, the processing time will be completely exhausted, with no traces and no burden on the environment.
The corrugated cardboard display is a beautiful look for the future, showing all purpose and intent.
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