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Coffee Shop Creates A Warm Interior With The Use Of Wood And Hidden Lighting


Wanna made a warm and comfortable feel for your coffee shop decoration? There is a latest design can be used for your reference. A new coffee shop design just be finished in this winter, let see how is it looks like.

Following the concepts of natural and Vitality, a new coffee shop have been finished as customer's requirements, that features a warm wood facade with a view of the inside through large windows and an over-sized glass door.

Stepping inside, there’s a wall of shelving behind the bar that draws the eye upward to show off the height of the space. A custom long concrete and wood coffee shop counter ensure the enough operating space for coffee making, pendant lights made from coffee pots showing the different feeling. therefrom a affordable Luxury style has been created easily.  

The wood display shelving behind the bar has plenty of space for storage, while backlighting highlights the design and the displayed items, as well as adding light to the interior.

Opposite the service area and under the stairs, is a small nook that’s large enough for some bar seating. it fully use a limited space to provide more seating for more customers

Next to the bar seating is another seating area that’s surrounded by wood with banquette seating, wood tables, upholstered stools and hidden lighting. banquette seating Skirting hidden the lighting to enhance the space brightness, in the mean while sockets were installed to satisfy customers demands of mobile phone charge.

Steel stairs against the brick wall lead from the main floor of the coffee shop up to the lofted seating area.

Beside the lofted seating area there’s another room dedicated to even more seating. Upholstered banquettes provide a comfortable place to relax and enjoy a drink, while a mirror at the end of the room makes the space feel larger.

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