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Coffee Shop Design - What Makes a Successful Coffee Shop?

by:OUYEE     2020-05-10
If you are keen on opening a coffee house, then your coffee shop design is of considerable importance. Coffee shop design falls into two categories. The first concerns color and logos. Different colors can bring different moods to a coffee house. Bright colors can add extra energy to your shop, but they also have a cooling feel when it's not so warm. Dark colors tend to offer the opposite. The choice you make here is down to your coffee shop theme, location and more - and the decision will be part of what makes your coffee shop design unique and very much YOUR shop. The other aspect of coffee shop design is more practical and offers some more hard and fast rules. If you think lanes, then you get a good idea of what is required. The worst thing for customers is to find it difficult to get to the seating area without problems. You need to have a design which filters customers in a queue into one area, and that those who have got their coffees don't have to weave their way through them carrying cups full to the brim. There is nothing worse than tripping or slipping with a full, hot, coffee. Good coffee shop design will 'filter' your customers into a natural path. You can almost make it obvious enough to paint lanes on the floor. In fact that can be quite a fun part of how your shop looks, with arrows and differently painted walkways if you so choose. Finally, there is working space for your staff. Staff need to have freedom to move round each other frequently. This has several benefits. They can serve more quickly without having to weave round each other, improving speed of service. It also gives them that little bit of extra time to chat to the customers, giving your shop that personal feel that draws people back in. Last, but by no means least, it just makes your baristas life that little bit more pleasant. One final nice touch is to position your baristas somewhere public, where the customers can watch. This keeps your baristas on their toes and also provides those waiting some entertainment. Put these tools together and your coffee shop design can help you be successful.
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