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Creating Attractive Retail Displays

by:OUYEE     2020-05-19
If you own a store, you know how difficult it can be creating great visual displays. A good retail display will not only draw more customers into your store, but also help sell more products. A cluttered store with no visual focal points can hide items and make shopping an ordeal rather than a pleasurable experience. Displays can be used for several reasons, such as selling a slow-moving item, promoting sale merchandise, or ushering in a new season. A window display is the first thing a customer sees when she walks past your store, therefore it needs to be inviting and innovative. Before you begin making a window display, develop a plan. What do you want the display to focus on? Has the Christmas shopping season begun or did you just receive new items that you want to showcase? Drawing your display on paper first can be a big help, but remember that it may not look as good when you execute it. Don't get frustrated if you have to rearrange items several times before it works. Certain elements will make a retail display effective. Balance is key but choose asymmetrical rather than symmetrical. It will stand out and make a much bolder presence. Put the largest objects on display first. Color will set the mood and feeling of the display so be careful when choosing a color scheme. You don't want it washed out but too many bright or bold colors may be an eyesore. There should always be a focal point where the products, props, and signs come together. Lighting should help accent this focal point. Just like makeup, less is more. Too many items will be distracting. Window displays will draw in the customers, but what about once they walk in the store? Glass showcases, store fixtures, and other displays will further entice customers to shop. Put similar items or brands into display cases. Another option is to group all sale or clearance merchandise together so that shoppers know exactly which items are on sale. Place prominent or best-selling items in front. Items that don't sell as well can also be the focal point to attract buyers. Frequently change displays to keep your store looking fresh and new. Before setting up retail displays, always clean the area and continue to clean it throughout the week. No one wants to shop a dirty display. Routinely dust and check glass showcases for fingerprints or cleaning streaks. Don't forget to clean your merchandise too! With a little bit of creativity and skill, you can create beautiful displays for your merchandise. Any item can sell as long as the customers are able to see it!
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