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Design of glasses cases and how to store display layout

by:OUYEE     2020-03-22
Are around friends want to open a glasses monopoly stores, for a novice never open shop, suddenly don't know where to start, the product is had, but I don't know how to design and customize glasses cases and props. So there will find me to consultation, so today I'll share with you about the design of glasses cases and how to store display layout. First, pay attention to the glasses store a gateway, which is the first step into the store channel customers, sample that I can consider to store business area, traffic, location, business commodity characteristics and safety management and other factors. Larger stores should establish some more inward and outward, to facilitate customers, smooth traffic. Secondly about glasses shelves display props, distribution forms are linear type and curve type three, diagonal lines. Checkout design more convenient customer checkout to purchase, the entire store atmosphere to make customers feel comfortable. Finally suggested shops need to design some advertising, can be on the wall, entrance or glasses on the shelves, put some light box can have a visual communication effect, can stimulate consumers' desire to buy, and has the characteristics of low cost, direct and effective, and it is also shops is one of the main promotional tools. < p> < / p>
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