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Designers Created a Used-look Matching Male Aesthetics In This Men Clothes Shop


The street entrance with store window immediately projects the visitor into an emotional experience marked by the natural reflections of the surfaces and a double lighting system, composed by narrow luminous strips inserted in the flooring and by a magnetic modular LED system, designed by the architect and developed with Flos to provide direct lighting throughout the space but also enhance surfaces indirectly.

From the ground floor, dedicated to accessories, the presentation of the collections continues to the first floor through a spacious display area with ready-to-wear lines. Next to the balcony overlooking the ground floor is a private lounge with sliding pocket doors and two fitting rooms decorated with luxurious pale blue rugs and adjustable mirrors framed by a narrow strip of light.

The store has a backdrop of whitewashed walls and ceiling, and polished concrete flooring, and is divided into three sections by screens made of stacked wood.At the back of the store, an art wall can be found covered in works by some of the designer’s favourite artists,  The front section presents Paul Smith‘s men’s apparel, shoes and accessories, and the middle of the store sees a space where various events are to be held, such as collab product presentations and in-store exhibitions. 

The ceiling comprises of a seemingly carved-out mosaic of planes, embedding rows spotlights in its ridges.Sleek metal clothing racks dangle from the ceiling in the middle of the UNIVERS store, and are paired with additional clothing racks and shelving lining the wall. The back wall is clad in mirrors which optically enlarge the store, and features built-in shelving. 

Additionally, chunky marble displays dot the premises, and the cozy seating area which enables shoppers to sit back and ponder over the next trophy purchase.Nonetheless, the different levels vary in style: Fashion for modern women can be found on the ground floor. Bright wood combined with white metal – a minimalistic design with Scandinavian impression – displays the appropriate background to address a younger target group. The back area is home to tailoring and formal accessories. Here, the newest tailored collection is presented and it serves as a dedicated fitting and consultation space for made-to-measure services. Shoppers can choose from around 100 different high-quality sourced from renowned European manufacturers, in addition a wide range of custom options such as lining, lapel styles, buttons, and stitches.

This ambience is created for the costumer with high expectations. The third floor is dedicated to men’s wear. Designers created a used-look matching male aesthetics. Old wood, dark metal or wire baskets have time to shine. All three floors have one thing in common: creating an authentic ambience in which clients come to stay. That can be achieved through combination of materials and a playful, varied furniture thus making shopping a pleasant experience.

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