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Designing Effective Retail Display

by:OUYEE     2020-08-10
There is a familiar old saying that claims 'first impressions count' and when this idea is put in the context of a retail store, it means that your store-front needs to be attractive if you want it to appeal to your target clients and create the right first impression.
The average potential customer will decide within a matter of seconds whether they are interested in entering your store or not, so you need your window display area to work effectively if you are going to grab their attention. You need to design a vibrant and interesting display in this space, using a combination of new stock and your most popular products. Use eye-catching combinations of colour to create a simple and well balanced arrangement. Never overlook this important display area, as it needs to remain fresh and enticing if you are going to draw foot traffic into the store and lead people to the rest of your products.
Having first attracted people into your store, you will have successfully achieved your first goal and now face the challenge of encouraging them to spend their time browsing the various areas within the store and more importantly, to purchase your products. Designing great looking displays that get results can be a very difficult process which is why many businesses use the services of an experienced retail designer to take care of this vitally important area. Not only can sophisticated retail display increase the perceived value of your products, it is also capable of attracting customers to your merchandise and increasing product sales.
Well designed displays should be visually appealing and uncluttered. When you are designing a display, focus on the type of person whose attention you are aiming to attract and the features of the particular items. You will need to take your time to make the display as effective as possible. The sense of touch can be an important part of the decision-making process for a lot of people when they are shopping. A tactile display can encourage your customers to touch items and engage with them, this may potentially create a 'need' for an item or product and can compel a buyer to make a purchase.
A great looking display which does not encourage sales is a complete waste of time. Display areas need to be organised effectively to allow customers to find the items they want quickly and easily, this will mean that their shopping experience is positive and free of frustration. There is no point having great products with great prices if your customer cannot find them. If you want an item to sell, it has to be displayed in a prominent location where it can be easily located.
A common mistake can be to design a fantastic display that contains no products for sale. Unless the product you are selling is either on or extremely close to actual display, you are then relying on the customer to locate the product themselves. If they cannot easily find the item, you may well lose that particular sale.
If you can create an attractive space that your customers want to spend time in, the likelihood is that this will result in increased sales and profits. Well displayed merchandise is easier to sell.

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