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Designing Retail Displays

by:OUYEE     2020-08-11
Designing your own retail displays can save you money and help you to further your expertise in your field. It isn't difficult to design your own displays, especially if you have a few guidelines to follow and the right store fixtures. Slatwall is considered one of the most versatile and economical choices when it comes to creating the look and feel that you want in your retail store or boutique. Create your own displays using these tips that we've compiled and you'll be on your way to creating the store image and impact that you want for your store.
1) Keep your goals for your store in mind as you design. Stores create a brand when they are consistent in communicating their image. Helping people to feel confident when they want to find something in your venue will help you to build trust, report, and customer loyalty. Create displays that say who you are and communicate clearly with your customers. Keep in mind what you want them to think, not just what you want them to buy. Build this type of relationship with your customers and you'll enjoy many years of success.
2) Think about balance and interest when you set up your displays. You don't want interesting displays in the front of the store and then no displays from there on back. Keeping interest throughout the customer's shopping experience will not only help them to decide what they want to buy, but also will help them to leave with a positive image of your store. Don't hype them up at the beginning, raising their expectations, only to let them down as they progress through the store.
3) Grab attention in the areas of your store that you want customers to visit. If your shoe department is far away on a back wall, make sure that you use good lighting, signage, interesting displays that can be seen from far away, and even shoes in other sections leading up to the shoe department. Use what you have to guide people through the store on the path that you want them to follow.
4) Getting attention from a distance is very important. This is how you get new customers to become interested in your store. Use slatwall and slatwall accessories to create retail displays that can be seen from anywhere inside your store or even from outside. Slatwall panels can be attached together or installed in interesting places to help you utilize the space that you have. It's so easy to maneuver the slatwall accessories that you need to create displays that will catch the eye while maximizing floor space for customers to easily shop around.

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