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Display Cabinets: A Top Ten List

by:OUYEE     2020-04-07
Display cabinets make it easy to store or display collections. Whether installed in a home, retail store, office room, or museum, these curio cabinets enhance interior environments without detracting from the items within the case. There are many different display cabinet options with a myriad of features to choose from. Continue reading to find ten different notes on display cabinets that will aid you in finding the perfect model for your situation. Materials: When most customers think of display cabinets a wooden, floor standing armoire or wall mounting case comes to mind. Although these are classic models, there are so many other options available. Polished metal frames and exteriors provide for a sleek and durable cabinet for nearly any situation. Available in all sorts of polishes, metal cases have a modern feel. Frameless options are also appearing to keep the focus completely on the featured items. However, there are still many wooden options. Maple wood finished, Cherry wood finished, Rosewood finished, and Oak wood finished display cabinets (to name a few) are still extremely popular and available at all legitimate distributors. Give Your Showcases Shape: The shape of your display cabinet can say a lot about what you are trying to showcase. Rectangular designs are perfect for the traditional collection of trophies, figurines, plates, and antiques. Oval and round style display cases open up items to a full vision display. These cabinets can function up against the wall as well as a centerpiece in your display. Hexagonal and other polygonal designs grab extra attention with their angular designs. Try a curved front model to add a sense of modernity to your showcases. Width: Similar to shape, the width of display cabinets varies for each distinct situation. There is display cases ranging in width from extremely narrow (18 inches) to extremely wide (75 inches). The larger collections, which are intended to take up a great amount of space, should be showcased in a wider model. These wide display cases call attention to the items inside. Retail stores and homes would be more comfortable with a narrower model. There are plenty of corner style curio cabinets that, as their name implies, sit in the corner of the room. More than Just Floor and Wall Cabinets: Traditional floor standing and wall mounting models still exist and sell quite well. In choosing a style it is important to evaluate the wall space and floor area to see which is more appropriate for your setting. However, in homes, retail stores, museums, and other venues, the amount of free space is constantly fluctuating. That's why many companies are introducing display cabinets that are capable of working as both floor and wall showcases. There are models that feature bases for countertop and floor function and mounting equipment to affix to the wall. Security: Many display cabinets have locking doors and protective exteriors to ensure that your valuable collections are safe. A key locking door is one of the most popular defenses against vandalism. Available for both sliding and swing door models, keys range from the conventional to an antique key depending upon the style of the display case. Acrylic fronts are another great security option for your display case. Acrylic is an extremely strong, but translucent, material. Users can keep their items on display without worrying about having them stolen. Highlight Showcase Items: Once you put your important items and precious memories into a display case, you want people to be able to see them no matter what time of day. Halogen lights are included in most display cabinets to shine some light on your special items. Available with multiple top lights and side lights, many display cabinets can illuminate objects from many different angles. These track lights can often be adjusted to spotlight certain trophies or portions of a collection over others. Otherwise the light will disseminate evenly throughout the case. These lights can be controlled with an easy to manage switch or button depending on the model. Another lighting feature to look out for is a glass or laminated deck on the interior. This accessory allows light to bounce upward to further accentuate items. Leveling the Playing Field: Worry about your uneven floor being incapable of balancing display cabinets? You shouldn't because many display cabinets come with their own floor levelers. Crafted out of many different materials, these floor levelers will not scratch up or further damage the floor, while keeping the display parallel to the ground. Never worry about items sliding from one side to the other. Adjustable Shelving: Many of the more modern display cabinets being offered today feature adjustable shelves to make it easy for users to load collection pieces of varying heights. Slide the shelves out of the showcase and move the holders up and down along the side notches. No matter the disparity in height, the two objects can coexist in the same display case through a bit of shelf reorganization. Cabinet Space: Need storage space for excess items or pieces that are no longer relevant to the display? Many of the display cabinets being sold today have cabinets at the bottom that are great for stowing. In addition to conventional cabinets, there are also models with wine cabinets built in. These display/wine cabinets often have other bar accoutrements and accessories. There is always room for more with these display cabinets. Elaborate Exteriors: We cannot have a discussion about display cabinets without mentioning the intricate details and artistry that can be applied to these showcases. Different moldings, railings, bases, and crowns give a sense of regality to your displays. Many known designers such as Howard Miller and Grace Tyler have put together some elegant display cabinets for the most important of collectibles. Display cabinets are some of the most ubiquitous cases for prized possessions and collectibles. They don't just function as simple organizational tools. They call attention to whatever is in them from far away. They enhance every d?锟絚or, while showcasing what is important to you.
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