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E-Commerce Opportunities - Should We Rent Or Buy

by:OUYEE     2020-04-09
If we want to have a web shop, the first question is whether we should rent or buy it? In this article I am going to analyse the possibilities for both cases. If we are looking for a company that creates web shops we will soon realise that most of these companies offer rentable web shops, while some of them design completely original web shops. Original web stores can have open or closed source code but at this stage we do not differentiate between them. In the case of leasable web stores, we can operate the online facility with built-in modules for a monthly or annual rent. This type of e-commerce site can be accessed through the domain name of its lessor, thus it does not have an own domain name. Some of the lessors let the lessee have their own domain name but unfortunately not all of them offer this opportunity. In many cases, if we would like to switch to an own URL address, the top level domain is already taken, thus we cannot change. If we switch to an own domain, the links built during months or years and refer to the leased website will be lost. We will need to start the marketing of our website from the beginning and can only 'take' our registered customers with the visitors being lost. Another important issue is that in the rankings of Google search, the age of the domain name is very important. A leased website cannot be customized without limits since it is suited to meet the requirements of the majority of customers and this is an additional disadvantage. The uniqueness is gone and for this price the design cannot be changed much either. If we want to have something special, the developers of the lessor will undoubtedly refuse to design it for us, thus we can only use that which is also suitable for others. What could be the advantages of choosing the leased solution? Since it is already done there is no waiting time and after paying you can use it right away. Moreover, if the web shop uses an already used and popular domain it will soon be ranked to the best places in the search engine. Search engine optimization is not easy in the case of these web shops either but since the main domain is not new we can reach higher success by the optimization at the beginning than in the case of a new own domain. The unique design is usually expensive and the leased version makes up only a small part of this, therefore it is ideal for beginner entrepreneurs. Some service companies give the export function belonging to leased web shops for free to the price comparison sites, thus the product will appear in many places right after it is uploaded. It is possible to launch web shops based on pay-per-click ads (PPC - e.g. Google AdWords). For young companies this form of web shop is ideal because if the success of business is not ensured yet, this way they can lose less and it will become apparent sooner if the business model works or not. Why do the majority of companies choose the unique design option? For most of the enterprises the standard solutions are not satisfactory and they want a completely customized uniquely developed web shop. The task of the developers is to customize the system to best fit the needs of the users. The first step is to decide about the functionalities, that is to say the partners decide what the web shop must be able to do and the graphic design starts only afterwards. The graphic design must suit the vision and products of the company. In the case of unique design several features might be applied that leased web shops will never have. For example, if we sell clothing it is expedient to use as bigger photos as possible on the profile of the products. In case of bearings the parameters of the bearings are more important than the photo. Having a uniquely designed web shop offers the possibility of connecting the website to the ERP or invoicing system of the company, thus the online orders will immediately enter the management system. It means less human resource is necessary and it reduces the possibility of mistakes in the process. It is also possible to create special export-import modules, thus the website can be displayed in any price comparison sites and not only in those that the lessor company is prepared to export to. According to my experience owning a web shop means prestige for the companies and it shows that the enterprise is innovative and is looking for the newest innovations and sales channels. In longer term companies need individually designed web shops.
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