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Ebay Shop Expansion - Expand Your Presence With

by:OUYEE     2020-05-10
Some of the most successful eBay entrepreneurs start out listing just a few items, but once they get a taste of success, the next step is to create an eBay shop to create a more permanent presence on eBay. The eBay shop is a wonderful way to create a more professional presence and keep your customers coming back. But should you stop there? eBay is a useful online sales tool, but it's not the only one, and you are certainly not under any obligation to use the site exclusively. The most successful online entrepreneurs have multiple web sites, and those who have an eBay shop frequently also have a separate online store independently, as well. There are two big differences however, between your eBay store and your independent online store. eBay has an existing brand presence while your own online shop may not; and eBay has an existing look and feel and existing tools for site creation, uploading photos, and auction management, while you are left to your own devices for your own online store. This does not have to be a disadvantage. Supplementing your eBay store with an independent online store can enhance your business and lead to more sales. When establishing your online store outside of eBay, you can reinforce your own brand that already exists within eBay by using the same shop design - and the same shop designer - to create both presences. While your independent shop won't carry the eBay logo, designing it to have the same 'look and feel' as your eBay shop design will carry the advantage of recognition. Cross-promotion between your eBay customers and your other customers will become more effective if customers are able to recognize both stores. Using the same color scheme, template, logo and writing style in both your eBay store design and all other store designs is one way to tell customers that they can expect the same level of quality on each new presence you create. This is why chain stores and restaurants adhere to strictly to having a uniform design and product mix-customers come to appreciate their experience at one store and then anticipate having the same experience at every other company store as well.
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