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Effective Jewelry Display - Frame and Backdrop

by:OUYEE     2020-05-19
Effective jewelry display will spark the interest of a potential customer or it can cause people to keep right on walking by, entirely ignoring you and your jewelry. The goal of an effective display is to cause the display itself to be the background, while your pieces are positioned in such a way that entices contacts and prospects to come closer and pay attention. There are many different types of props you can purchase or create for use for your jewelry displays. Always keep in mind that your jewelry should stand out as the main attraction. Never allow yourself to become so carried about with designing an outstanding setting that the display ends up taking away from the effect of your jewelry. Your jewelry should never be overshadowed. Don't give in to a temptation to use too many colors that will detract from your jewelry, rather than framing and enhancing the pieces in your display. Dark background materials that frame and contain your pieces will almost always be the best choice. Also, be sure to utilize varying heights. This single technique can make such a difference! The professionals know that varying the display heights gives your display the sense of dimension. This is also the way to draw attention to signature pieces of jewelry that you may wish to feature. Do not be afraid to experiment and try different things. You might also try using different angles and even setting props at diagonals. At craft fairs, rig up some kind of curtains or another kind of dark-colored back-drop, so the prospects don't see the junky interior of your booth. The most important thing to remember is to show your pieces against black. This is the one color that lets the colors in your jewelry pieces stand out for what they are, without being influenced by colors in the backdrop or the frame. If you only show your jewelry against black velvet, for example, you can NOT go wrong.
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