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Everything You Need to Know About the Science of Store Design


Store planning and design has consistently been at the top of our list of things retailers need to do well in order to have a successful store. The purpose of your store’s design is not merely to look pretty. Its purpose is to create an environment that attracts customers, entices them to spend time in the store, and encourage them to purchase impulsively while they are there. So whether you are opening a brand new store or perking up your existing one, these ideas will keep you on the right track:


Inside the Front Door

The first thing shoppers will notice inside your store is your décor package; we say package because all of the elements -- walls, flooring, primary and accent colors, fixturing, signing, wall striping, etc., must work together to tell a single story. Its important for a optical shop, also all kind of retail store business.

Which Store Layout is Right for Your Store?

All store layouts are affected by the shape and size of the sales floor, but the common goal is to expose shoppers to product and to gain maximum traffic flow. There are three layouts that are typically used in store design. They are known as the Grid Layout, the Loop (Racetrack) Layout, and the Free Flow Layout. In this Optical Shop Interior Design, designer choose to use Loop Layout according to the shop space.

A word about store fixturing
It’s dangerous to fall in love with your store fixtures. Keep in mind that the true purpose of your fixtures is to house merchandise. Choose the suitable display items will help you highlight the products well. Also, keep enough moving room inside your shop, If customers do not have enough room to shop and check the items, they can’t buy.

Lake Front Property

Some areas of your sales floor are more important than others. Think of them as prime real estate or lake front property. As shoppers walk in the front door, they should be surrounded by merchandise -- this is not the place for the checkout counters or other service areas. Professional store planners know that if you mis-merchandise these areas, it will cost you in sales.

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