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A Creative Industrial Style Coffee Shop Design


Bake Cafe is in the story.Find a place to hide in the bustling CBD. Find the initial peace in the complex states. Escaping from the office. Coming here. Where it is a warm greenhouse with plant. From minus 3 degrees to a sweater. Light shines from the gap between the climbing tigers to the ground. I am here. I will not go away.

Bake Cafe  is located in CBD of Suzhou, the heart of Jinrong street. It mainly operates baking, coffee and light food. The designer uses the warm design method to make the cold Cement Forest, giving customers psychological hug and a sense of belonging. Floor-one’s two meals mainly have Northern Europe style, third floor has heavy industrial style. According to the different functions, the spatial level will also have a lot of changes. The space’s light, music and nostalgic retro atmosphere make people relaxed.

The first floor lets the sunlight in by using the large French windows, through the plants on the window to show mottled patterns on the ground, scattered seats and bars are in the sun, the ceilings are separated orderly by wooden grille, not only the sense of form is strong, but also it can make focusing, with warm lights to create the effect of indoor warm sun. There are cubes in a falling line shape hanging in the air, stacked like building blocks, which retains the light of high space, but also increases the fun of space. Designers specially installs the white grids in the French windows, so that the reptiles can grow up, putting plants with large leaves high and low scattered on the wooden steps, people have a sense like they are in the streets of Europe, sitting outside a cafe on the street corner, drinking coffee, enjoying fresh air and green plants. the large French windows with green vines

Bars are composed with the woods block with different colors and white acrylic, with the square frame on the top, the bar is a space with three transparent sides, letting waiter communicate with guests better. Bar area has a variety of functional requirements, including staffing transfer, cash register, sound control, the most important function is coffee making and the sales display of bread cake. the bar with three transparent sides

The second floor’s space meet the needs of four to eight people eat, the highlight of the space is in the depressed and low staircase, the designer cleverly made a miniature tropical botanical garden, pink flamingo and giant meaty plants make you can’t help taking photos, thus ignoring the lack of space structure. There are no traditional handrail, but the grid, this original color extends from the first floor to the top floor, making functional division through the color changes, which can not only protect the safety of guests, but also can DIY in the grid, leaving the valuable memories of attending the event here.

The third floor’s industrial style used the natural characteristics of materials to ensure the material’s natural texture and texture effect. The change of light and shadow gives the vividness of the activity space, and the large wall painting increases the fashion sense and tonality of the space. The designer used four different decorative lights to create the different atmosphere effects. Only the light, space, material and picture cooperate well, then the style can be showed perfectly.

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