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Fitting For the Future

by:OUYEE     2020-05-21
When you take the results of this survey alongside the prospects for a tourist boom as a result of the Olympics in two years time; it appears that London's future is riding high. Retail businesses in London would do well to look at the current trends and decide what they can do to capitalise on the increased confidence levels. Plans should be well underway to cater for the Olympic tourists. These will partly include logistics plans such as the possibility of extended opening hours, whether additional employees are needed and how to ensure employees get to and from work with the extra demand on public transport. With the disabled Olympics also being held in London in 2012, retailers may want to ensure that their premises are as disability friendly as possible. Add the requirement to freshen up tired premises and retailers may decide that a spot of shop fitting is in order. Let's start with busting a myth. Retail shop fitting doesn't necessarily mean closing your premises, gutting them to bare brick and starting again. Something as simple as laying fresh floor tiles or a change in colour scheme can instantly transform premises. Many studies have shown that the shopping experience is enhanced by a careful use of light and the illusion of space. Ceiling spotlights can be carefully positioned to glamorise your displays.com/products' target='_blank'>shop display. The correct choice of materials used to make your shelving and display stands can add to the image of the shop and brand. All these can attract potential customers into the shop and encourage sales. Finally, don't underestimate the value of the shop entrance. Sometimes changing a plain door for a specially made glass door can instantly transform the outward image of your premises. Carry the design of your glass door into a glass balustrade or internal glass folding sliding doors and you can create a new look for relatively small changes. In summary, with increased confidence being shown in London and your premises refreshed you are ideally placed to take your place in London's future. Now all you need to sort is the stock.
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