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Focus on Local Promotions

by:OUYEE     2020-08-09
Promotions can make your retail boutique exciting and profitable. Keep everything fresh in your customers' minds by having frequent and enticing promotions. Varying your retail store displays can keep the look and feel of your store interesting. Having a successful local promotion means bringing the promotions that you have down to a personal level. Getting in good with your customers personally can help you to create the type of relationships that lead to referrals and long-term loyalty. Learn how to create these relationships, keep your store fresh and interesting, and bring in the business with your next promotion with this valuable information from S & L Store Displays.
1) The key to a successful promotion is making it visually stimulating for your customers and potential customers. As consumers, we rely heavily on our visual perceptions to tell us which stores have the styles that we like at the prices we can handle. This first impression should give your customers an accurate visualization of the level of quality of products that you sell, what variety of products you carry, what makes you unique, and how much they can expect to spend coming in.
2) Make it clear when a promotion is happening. Use signs, flyers, social networking, newsletters, mailers, your web site and your blog to announce a promotion. Don't give too much notice and don't make the promotion last too long. You want to create a sense of urgency around the promotion. People that shop during sales and promotional time periods are hoping to get a great deal. Make sure that you feature certain high demand products so that people looking for holiday gifts will prioritize going to your retail store above going online to shop around or giving their business to your competitors.
3) Use your promotion to make money in other areas of your store. You may have a big shoe sale, drawing in customers buying this season's hottest fall boots, but you want to make a lot of your money off of leg warmers, leather treatments, socks, hats, outfits, and jewelry. Make sure that all of these things are displayed in a manner that makes them irresistible to shoppers.
4) One way to ensure that shoppers coming in for a sale are exposed to everything you have to offer is to use slatwall displays. Slatwall display merchandisers hold clothing facing outward so that customers can easily see it. Slatwall accessories make it easy to display jewelry and other things that go with outfits that you set up. Use slatwall hooks, shelving, racks, and more to create beautiful retail displays all over the store without taking up much room.

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