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Four aspects to understand the jewelry display ark

by:OUYEE     2020-03-27
Made jewelry display ark, general manufacturers can choose painting reveals ark or reveal ark of the lacquer that bake, but is there might be some people don't understand, don't know exactly what's the difference between them, in fact they are two materials that reveals ark, they each have each advantage, so we need to choose, according to their own needs, choose to suit their own jewelry display ark. The differences between them then to tell you about! A, appearance. : < br /> touch of optima appearance, whether with dust particles and bubbles. < br /> the lacquer that bake, door plank smooth appearance, lubrication. < br /> paint: door plank appearance with particulate matter, no lubrication, touch have different feeling. Second, the process. < br /> the lacquer that bake: on the base material three times, four times paint primer, each again paint, into clean HengWen curing barn, baking. Paint: on the base material grinding woolen cloth, and then in the above spray paint, natural dry. The difference between painting reveals ark and painting reveals ark. Third, the paint film. : < br /> hand touched the door around the edges of the lacquer that bake, whether lubrication, evidence; Can see the color of the edges and corners, the same as the door plank of color. < br /> the lacquer that bake, edges and lubrication, same color. Prove paint film on average, full color. < br /> paint: local rough edges and corners, door plank of color than the light. Prove paint film is not average, color is not full. < br /> < br /> 4, grain. < br /> control light, see the door plank of the lacquer that bake appearance, can have orange peel phenomenon. < br /> the lacquer that bake, door plank appearance and smooth, no grain, orange peel phenomenon. < br /> paint: door plank are grain surface, no lubrication, with orange peel phenomenon. < br /> < br /> that's the difference between them from different aspects, so that we can according to their own needs, to choose appropriate reveals ark, also don't just when everyone in choosing from one hand to judge its quality, we need to analyze it from all aspects of quality. You don't feel like jewelry display casecustomization is very troublesome, because a high quality display case with long time, not just it can also improve jewelry sales!

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