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Give More Prominence to Your Products With Display

by:OUYEE     2020-04-08
Ever heard the expression 'people shop with their eyes'? That is to see costumers only buy what they can see or is in evidence, unless they know exactly what they are looking for. To give more prominence to your best products you need the adequate type of display and that is when display cabinets come into play. There are display cabinets of all sizes and shapes, aluminium or wooden framed, with or without glass displays, wall mounted, free standing, rotating, the options are countless. But they all have one thing in common; give more prominence to your shops best products. Be it the most valuable or exclusive products choose the right display cabinets and these products will stand out and draw your costumers and prospects attention. It is important to emphasize the different shops need different types of displays what works for one doesn't necessarily works for the other. Take jewelleries for instance, these type of shops require illuminated lockable cabinets with a high quality finish to inspire luxury and make the products look even more expensive than they already are. On the other hand electronics shops need a more high tech kind of display. One that automatically rotates and flashes some LED lights to draw even more attention to their latest laptops, tablets or computer console. Sports shop tends to use stands to give more prominence to their latest products because costumers like to touch and feel the latest football boots for instance. But none the less they should avoid completely display cabinets. If the latest Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo football boots is showcase in a glass display cabinet for instance costumers will ask to see and try them out which could lead them to take that final action we shop owners love so much. As you can see each shop requires a certain type of display be it a glazed one, free standing or rotating. One might ask: so should I just use display cabinets on my shop and give all my products more prominence? The answer is no. You need to find the right balance by mixing different types of shop fittings like shelves, gridwalls, gondolas, shop counters and slatwalls. A simple rule of thumb would be only use display cabinets to showcase your best and most valuable products. You know those ones that you really need to sell them. My last tip is to always think like your costumers by answering this simple question: Where and how would think your best products would draw more attention?
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