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Glass Display Cabinets

by:OUYEE     2020-04-04
Displaying sentimental gifts and collector's items is a great way to share life experiences with others. Homes and offices often tell a story about their owners. Investing in furniture that helps to maximize all areas of the home is important. Having collections of shot glasses where they can be seen can be a great conversation started. Using a glass display cabinet can make each item visible and easily accessible. Here are some ways to use a shot glass display cabinet. The beauty of wood pieces is that they can be placed in any room of a home or business. There may be specific rooms that are used for entertaining or meeting with special clients. These areas may have plush seating or have a layout perfect for holding long conversations. Think about the wood tones in the room. There are cabinet finishes that can complement the existing furniture, crown molding, and decorative color scheme in the room. Measure the existing areas of the space to ensure that the cabinet will fit and be functional. Glass display cabinets are the perfect accompaniment to a wet bar. The bar area in the home may have some storage for glassware. The display cabinet being next to the bar area gives easy access to start pouring drinks into shot glasses. Large shot glass collections may require more than one cabinet. Always plan to entertain guests before they arrive. Stock the bar area with liquor to pour into the shot glasses. Always have one or two drinks that can be made for visitors that do not drink alcohol. Keep a drink recipe book or hand written recipes close by. Make an effort to entertain guests with a bit of conversation. People always love to chat and often go in depth about topics they enjoy. Drinks are light snacks are always a great icebreaker. Stories often get better the more drinks are served. Ask guests about their lives. Bring out shot glasses that may reflect their loves in the life. The shot glasses may be decorated with the name or picture of a past vacation destination, favorite sports team, favorite city, or birth place. If someone is talking about football or a city that is home to that team, take that opportunity to bring out an associated shot glass. Homes with limited living areas can add cabinets for display in their dining rooms or main entertaining areas. Use these tips when selecting glass display cabinets UK.
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