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Glass Showcases Are Entering the New Age of Store Display

by:OUYEE     2020-05-12
Glass showcases have always been a staple of jewelry stores. But an often unnoticed use of these great pieces is in a variety of stores. Collectables are often displayed in amazing glass showcases that often include elaborate lighting schemes in order to display and action-like feel to the collectables. But glass showcases don't have to be just for stores. If you are someone who loves to collect things, like sports memorabilia or statues, a glass showcase may be just the thing you need. A square or hexagonal tower display would be perfect for anyone who has multiple pieces to display like myself. Think of how awesome your signed Yankee baseballs would look all in a row. Or maybe you like collecting period pieces, like Egyptian statues. The great thing about the towers is they have enough storage to hold everything, or to encourage you to keep on collecting. They also are incredibly sturdy so you don't have to worry about the cat knocking everything over. Investing in display cases is a smart way to show off your prized possessions without the worry of them losing their value or getting destroyed. Another main reason store owners choose glass showcases is safety. Anyone who has worked in a retail environment with something fragile can tell you how nerve wracking it is. But store owner can minimize risk. A secure glass display may be exactly what the store needs. First, they are going to keep items better organized. But they are also going to keep them inside a glass case that won't be touched by customers. This can leave the ability to show off fragile items to the employee only, who will be a lot more aware of how to treat a certain piece. This also keeps accidentally bumping into things a non-existent issue. A glass showcase will take the stress off your shoulders as you won't have to worry about you or anyone else getting hurt, or the damaging on valuable merchandise. It's a win/win situation! Glass showcases are advancing along with technology, as more store use sophisticated methods of displays to project moving images onto the glass, making the product interact with light and sometimes even sound. Something that hasn't been thought to be possible just a few years ago. It will be interesting to see the next generation of glass displays, as retailers, museums, and collectors try to attract more attention to the products inside the display.
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