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Glasses cases and glasses are in accordance with the proportion on display?

by:OUYEE     2020-03-24
Glasses shelves display skills: 30% of the remaining space, 70% on display items into the store had at ordinary times, have you noticed what glasses shelves display will be the first to attract your attention? And when choosing the right glasses glasses, and noticed that the color of the display props glasses and glasses are carried out in accordance with the proportion between the displays? < br /> fine glasses shelves work < br /> but in fact it is these small detail layout in greatly affects the storefront and glasses shelves sales due to every shop specializes in different kinds of glasses glasses, so generally display will also be adjusted accordingly. Such as stores specializing in diamond and emerald will consider the illicit close sex of the customers to buy. < br /> fine glasses shelves work < br /> we noticed that a lot of store had generally set up in the place that take the door a porch. Along the porch to enter, on the right ( People used to turn to the right) that take the door Will arrange put some promotional products, can meet the needs of the various levels of people the first time. But is will classify all kinds of goods shipment according to regional record sales figures that day, and every day a week to adjust goods display according to the sales figures, this is display division must do the work. Shipments are now glasses counter set aside 30% of the remaining space, 70% used to display goods. Meet customers choose administrative levels feeling, and secondly such proportion of the display can make the whole counter beautiful and clean. Modelling and the light is on display most important adjacent two glasses shelves are need to adjust. A counter display according to the diamond, so it need to be pay attention to put the administrative levels, and the adjacent counter had better goods across the display. < p> < / p>
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