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Glasses cases and tall ark and straight ark two display forms parsing

by:OUYEE     2020-03-23
Glasses cases and divided into two display forms tall ark and low ark, respectively in different demonstration play their important role. So, how to design usually glasses cases and can better reflect the value of goods? 1. Glasses shelves in tall ark: tall ark design usually relies on a wall or attached on the role of partition, design and production of the standard size is 2400 * 400 * 1000 usually; 2400 * 550 * 1000. Are standard is a plate of the specifications of the limit, 2 it is to consider the commodity display height can bring comfortable experience of consumers better, and commodity display using quantity and more accord with the actual market. 2. Low ark in glasses shelves: low ark as glasses leading consumer goods display, design and production of standard size is 1200 * 600 * 900 usually; 1200 * 550 * 900; As described above, the specifications of the plate and the actual commodity display, customers on the feeling on the vision, overall coordination and beautiful to the masses can be consumer recognition. Commodity exhibition is important, without considering and guide the actual consumer purchasing desire is the biggest failure. < br /> < br />
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