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Good design helps to improve brand image, since product display is the best time to promote terminal sales.


The interior design is elegant , black wood painted finish,black metal, tempered glass.Sales of high-end goods have reached an annual multi-billion level in the city alone, and it’s predicted to grow even further in the next few years. The iconic French fashion house has been present in the city with a number of shop-in-shops at department stores, but so far lacked a standalone store of its own. Well, those days are gone. With much fanfare, Chanel has revealed a prestigious new flagship on this coveted street, set across seven floors of a purpose-built structure.


The monolithic structure has an all-black facade composed of lava stone and black glass, and this is briefly extended indoors, before being transformed into lighter stone and a matching palette of materials. The store is quite large, measuring 1,830 sqm. (19,698 sq.ft.) And yet, it’s all interpreted in such a way that the look and atmosphere are unique to the premises.


To heighten the sense of exclusivity and add a personalized note, the various settings are interspersed with a series of striking contemporary art works, including four commissioned pieces. Upon entering the ground floor, shoppers find the brand’s seasonal bags and small leather goods, along with watches, high and fine jewellery creations in glass cabinets.



Going one floor up, by way of a staircase of polished white stone, more accessories and bags can be found, alongside a dedicated shoe salon.Here,the soaring ceiling height and abounding spaciousness are amplified by the imposing site-specific work .The third floor is exclusively dedicated to ready-to-wear, and each setting is furnished with custom sofas and unique antique pieces. Artworks throughout the third floor are expressed by an extensive range of materials and textures.




On the floors, bespoke carpets cast in natural materials and neutral tones add warmth to the space. Mind you, even the dressing rooms are adorned with art works. The private reception rooms on the top floor feature sculpted bronze boxes by Peter Wang himself.

Good design helps to improve brand image, since product display is the best time to promote terminal sales. Surveys show that 87% of customers's final decision to buy depends on the scientificity and visibility of shop display, which is the most basic but cheapest method of promotion. Only by calming down, re-examining the characteristics of products, understanding consumers' buying habits, and artistic processing of product placement from an aesthetic point of view, can greater benefits be obtained. Good clothing display can not only facilitate and stimulate customers to buy, but also improve the brand image of enterprises.

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