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Good shop display helps to offer customers a better brand experience


What shop interior design works for the company to build relationships, great customer service and a better brand experience, let us check it out with one mobile phone shop.


This new store design re-affirms brand position in the market by offering its customers an engaging, enjoyable,contemporary retail experience. The store concept strives to deliver this-connecting peoples lives to brand company by giving customers improved opportunities to engage with its staff,products and services. This design created a responsive retail experience for the brand that will help it meet the future needs of its business and customers.


The store architecture,customer-focused interactivity, engaging product experiences and a completely new approach to delivering in-branch service via the special desk,all combine to create a fresh, responsible and enabling experience for customers. Its flexible efficient concept that works a cross different locations.It shape the store environment around its location and customer profile.

Service is delivered more efficiently via a central special desk,clearly visible from the exterior, allowing staff to diagnose needs and direct customers to different zones depending on their reason for visiting, streamlining their journey and reducing dwell time. The store could not only improve the quality of the customer experience, but also reaffirm the innovative brand.


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