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Happy Pharmacy Design


The pharmacy is becoming more of a place to retreat 

In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of and conscientious about environmental issues, transforming your pharmacy into a safe and welcoming place is of utmost importance. As science has proved how our workplaces have a direct impact on the way we feel, and have the power to significantly improve our mood, architect have compiled a short list of simple furnishing techniques that will enable you to introduce a happy design, creating a serene and positive work environment, where you really can feel happier. You often read about how shapes have a significant impact on our feelings. Round shapes trigger positive reactions such as approach-ability and affability, spheres communicate balance and calm. This is why furnishing pharmacies with curved display stands, circular shaped pendant lamps, circular benches or rounded corners etc. is a way to soften the spaces whilst helping customers feel at ease in their surroundings.

Focus on blue

Blue is universally recognized as one of the most calming colors with the ability to instill serenity, as well as promoting relaxation and well being. In addition, blue tones have also proven to have beneficial effects on the body, because they can actually lower blood pressure.

This is why it is a good idea to use glass or blue ceilings, or for those who prefer a softer approach, to choose blue seats in a waiting area or a specialist corner.

Playing with light

There is nothing like natural light to radiate energy and a good mood, but if exposure to this "natural positive trigger" isn’t enough, you can introduce fixtures and furnishings with reflective surfaces to increase the amount of natural light in a particular area even more.

Atmospheric lighting is no less important: soft lighting can promote relaxation and create a more personal environment, helping to improve relationships with customers and staff members.

“Relationships first!” Pharmacies, designed to build relations 

Create a familiar and welcoming environment so that staff work better, but above all to entice customers to their local pharmacy. Prohibit spaces that are too commercial and aggressive: say no to metal displays and gondolas because they convey a sense of restlessness and stress.

The excessive use of graphics, messages and offers has, over time, alienated people from the "pleasure" of making purchases. Meeting and waiting areas (that guarantee privacy) should aim to bring back the idea of the local market, of the health square in the pharmacy, invoking the positive feelings that these spaces used to be able to create.

Creating a multi sensory environment

Create an environment that takes all of the senses into consideration and is extremely stimulating. 

Even if specific smells and materials are known to convey comfort and relaxation, it is really only personal experience that can help you understand what inspires the feeling of well being and where it comes from. In other words, never blindly follow design trends, always try to experience them first-hand (whether it's a material, a smell or a color), so as to personalize the pharmacy by creating something truly unique.

Use natural materials 

Natural materials such as wood, stone and marble act as a real tonic for the human mind.

And since it has been proven that people are significantly happier when they are outdoors and surrounded by greenery, as opposed to being in an urban context, bringing some nature into the workplace (e.g wooden floors and furniture or including natural elements), can only benefit people’s mood .. and sales. Are you a pharmacy owner? Join the closed group of Winning Pharmacies and do your magic.

We have a different idea of Pharmacy, you too? Let's change. 

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