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Helpful Hints in Fitting Out Your Shop and Attracting

by:OUYEE     2020-05-21
Venturing into the world of retail can be exciting but daunting and new retailers appreciate any help or advice on shop display and shop fittings. Questions often asked include: what catches a consumer's eye? How do you dress the window display? Which are the best shop fittings to choose - slatwall panels or modular shelving? One thing that all successful and busy retail businesses have in common is that they all employ dynamic and attractive shop displays. A good professional shop display can increase sales by a significant volume. The first thing to do when setting up a retail store from scratch is to draw up a plan of the premises, allowing for an eye-catching display at the front to draw customers in - making sure it shows a wide range of the products available. Starting with one item near the entrance, draw people further inside by the judicious placement of associated products. For example, you could place shoes at the front on a slatwall panel gondola unit, handbags a bit further inside, followed by hats. This draws the customer in and once they are inside, you have a better chance of selling products. Have a highlighted area to show off a special offer or similar (white lights work best). Either among or close to these items, place something similar, of better quality and higher value as this will encourage the consumer to spend more. This little shop display trick is often played out in supermarkets, where they have the supermarket brand next to a premium brand and promote this as there may be more margin in a premium brand. One new idea around, which is fast catching on in ladies' fashion boutiques, is to have a men's area. This doesn't mean a men's clothes department, but is an area for men to sit down or read magazines, while their wife or girlfriend is trying clothes on. Making the men more comfortable allows him to relax and will mean their partner will spend more time browsing, trying clothes on and, hopefully, buying! When it comes to shop fittings for beginners, slatwall panels are the ideal solution for shop display, as they provide a totally flexible, versatile and affordable merchandising system, which offers an immediate make-over to give a fresh modern and up to date look to your retail premises. The great thing area about slatwall panels is that they are suitable for all businesses, such as fashion retailers, supermarkets, show rooms, shoe shops and sports goods outlets as well as many others. They are a versatile and economic way of transforming plain walls into attractive and effective sales areas. Slatwall panels are ideal for exhibition spaces or temporary outlets, being so quick and easy to fit. They be screwed direct to walls and, if extra strength is required, they can be screwed directly to walls. PVC or aluminum inserts can be used to customise and strengthen the panels. Accessories include hooks, arms, baskets, dispensers and trays, which will maximise the selling opportunity of a wide range of goods.
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