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High-end jewelry cases and compared with the uniform rules

by:OUYEE     2020-03-21
< p> high-end jewelry cases and making contrast and unity is the most important form of rules, is the center of the form aesthetic rules rules, it covers all other rules. Therefore, in order to obtain the high-end jewelry cases and results of the whole Hugh, we accept all kinds of methods to achieve the purpose of the unified, such as the use of color in the overall design of the system, in the form of a high-end jewelry cases < / p> < / p> < p> a unity, the unity of the layout, props, such as the unity of the material on the basis of a unified, part can be used for the recent lively atmosphere. Contrast and unity in the form of two factors are opposite each other, the unity of the excessive can cause inflexible, too much contrast can cause visual disorder, although two aspects in the uniform but it is not he a whole, but the place means less than in a comparable position. The proportion is also widely used in our daily life, so many print and drawing of the paper are as the ratio of length and width. High-end jewelry cases < / p> < / p> < p> in contemporary design, many rules have been absolved from the proportion of 'gold', but according to the law of the visual arts and design of concrete requirements allocated proportion, the pursuit of new visual results and the diversity of design. < / p> < p> < br /> < / p> < p> for jewelry display ark, the contrast of the content is very rich, without the contrast and comparison of size, location, shape of contrast, color contrast, direction of contrast, texture, etc. They provide them space, exhibition, exhibition now shaking, signage, background of a combination of elements such as hook. < / p> < p> < br /> < / p> < p> high-end jewelry cases to exercise itself is various elements compared to a combined, in the design process at the same time, consciously emphasize contrast, weaken the other contrast, show the visual result to convey to the book, it is also a high-end jewelry cases to design the essence of things. < / p> < p> < br /> < / p> < p> high-end jewelry cases to show the contrast is the important form of visual art rules. Cases and contrast, refers to the nature instead of the comparison between various elements, is one of the forms between different pieces of rules, its important function is the result of the composition to produce vivid dynamic, on the contrary nature elements in comparison, the different characteristics due to more and more significant. < / p> < p> < br /> < / p> < p> < / p>
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