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High-end jewelry display ark demanding details well done price is also high

by:OUYEE     2020-03-21
When it comes to jewelry, think of is the earliest diamond, gold and jewelry. But the classification of the jewelry need to these? Classification of jewelry, there are many, there is gold, silver jewelry, silver, platinum, amber, pearl gold jade, the mythical wild animal, pearl, jade, jade and so on. So, decorate in the jewelry store planning, the planner will layout of different area to sell different products, such as gold, platinum diamond ring, jade color treasure area and so on. < br /> in jewelry brand to business than we all saw many brand do very high-end exquisite jewelry display ark, chow tai fook, fook, true brand jewelry, fine LeXiang, chow sang sang, jin zhizun, etc. , these high-end jewelry cases, gravity high, detail is good, price is also high. We know that sell jewelry in high profit, so in zhejiang province, we have met a lot of jewelry store to do wholesale, retail in business than in more. < br /> < br /> Saturday fook storefront design < br /> we went to water bei jewelry city, you know, not many people usually go to, can't is car more logistics. If you want to make money is wholesale, such ability to more quickly. Now custom jewelry display ark, level also more and more popular, more demanding, we went to chow tai fook fook, their stores goods can often replace style, novelty, loading in the light of luxury is tough and expensive gas, vainglorious woman, saw will also go to loading was his favorite products. Now most of the jewelry display casematerial, generally choose the ultra white glass, if you have special requirements can be toughened, also has the lacquer that bake glass foil. Plank in plywood, big core board, MDF, veneer, wood, etc. , choose stainless steel, stainless steel, of course, can be champagne gold, titanium gold, rose gold plating, and tan color. Also some choose grey mirror, black mirror, yellow coloured glass, gold mirror and other materials. < p> < / p>
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