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High-end jewelry display ark need to have the concept of 'four'

by:OUYEE     2020-03-21
Nowadays, our aesthetic requirement is also more and more high, and jewelry display ark and other types of display cabinets, different places, is in jewelry display casedesign on the concept of technology, some higher requirements, and different designers, designed to reveal ark effect, the style is different also. That we in the design of jewelry display ark, want to make it more high-end, you need to have this & other; Throughout the four ideas &; 。 One, reasonable space < br /> jewelry display caseis not only to attract customers, outstanding products. What is more important in the process of using more convenient and practical. So to design a reasonable display space, make the jewelry display not damaged in the process, and to highlight the charm of different jewelry. Second, the brand style < br /> every brand has its own business philosophy and different styles of jewelry, so in front of the jewelry display casedesign must be thorough to understand the style and concept of the brand. In this way can we design in accordance with their own brand positioning jewelry display ark, can reflect the value of jewelry display ark. < br /> 3, the collocation of the light < br /> exquisite jewelry display ark lighting design lighting uniformity, avoid dazzle, higher brightness, reduction of material color ability. This requires that the counter light enough to attract eyeball, conspicuous. On the expression of light, you need the overall high intensity of illumination, 2 - should be a space environment illumination Three times. Stereo feeling, space, color rendering be short of one cannot. < br /> 4, indoor whole color harmonious and unified < br /> to show effect, reveal ark material, color, must coordinate and jewelry collocation, and can have the effect that make the finishing point. Including indoor whole decorate and jewelry display ark design whether collocation is unified, all of these are affect consumer impression of jewelry brand, the first thing to do. < br /> < p> < / p>
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