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High-end jewelry jewelry stores are considering cases to design problems

by:OUYEE     2020-03-26
Now jewelry store will give priority to high-end jewelry shelves design problem, more popular is the concept of store space, then the typical art fang shelves in shenzhen factory and you talk about what is a concept store, generally refers to the style of the high-end jewelry shelves and shelves of size, color, shape, the overall aesthetic collocation and so on. In you mind has a preliminary perceptual relationship between parts and position. High-end jewelry cases to achieve aesthetic balance, its balance will give people a feeling of solemn and quiet. Stable and can give a person the sense with a relaxed, comfortable, unstable objects often give a person a kind of tension. As a designer and store operators, to grasp the good points, lines, space composition relationships and product display space design points. High-end jewelry cases and exhibition space sparse, dense, high, low and display levels also should accord with the visual effect of human body engineering, make customer feel comfortable on the vision, easy to scan and pick up their favorite products. High-end jewelry cases and the color of the design is good collocation, colour cannot too complex, according to the product positioning color, colour shoulds not be too much cheaper, so just can appear high-end atmosphere, secondly on lamplight illuminate, lintel head position can use more bright light, easy to attract the attention of customers. But it is recommended to use warm color light layer board position, so when people browse products will not dazzling, of course the product damage also too won't big. < br /> < br />
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